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t0xirc 1.0.4

The latest version is here !

There are some bugfixes and new features, here is the complete changelog :

  • Added support for networks with more than 9 chars in nicknames (max=32)
  • Added reason parameter to the kick method
  • Fixed handling of "_" in channel names (thanks blackcow)
  • Small changes to the connect() method


    t0xirc is a PHP class that enable your applications to interact with the popular IRC bot Eggdrop.

    You can use it to include a list of connected users on your web page, or even write a cli PHP script that runs in the background and give some intelligence to your idle bots. Usage is up to your imagination :)


    You can contact the author in the support forum, by mail or on ircnet as sIX or sIX_dfX.

    User comments

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